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126 n judd
ft worth , TX 76108
yahwehriders Mission Statement

The mission of the Yahweh Riders is to Further the Kingdom of God By promoting our faith and belief in Jesus Christ as our Load and Savior through our enthusiasm of motorcycles.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to create a safe enviroment in which those who share a common bond through motorcycles can fellowship and learn about the truth that is Jesus Christ.


How do we expect to achieve our goal?

1. Our first objective is to sponsor regulary schedule motorcycle rides in an effort to expose the motorcycle riders of our community to Normandale Baptist Church and the truth about God and Christians. These rides will be promoted within our community through the local newspaper and flyers. The only requirement to participate in these rides is that you have a motorcycle that is road worthy and can do highway speeds and that you sign a release form. 2. Our second objective is to become a visual part of the community by participating in benefit runs, toy runs, parades, fundraisers, secular bike rallies, ect. 3. Our third objective is to create a safe environment for Bible study in which those who have questions and are seeking the truth can feel comfortable participating in a Bible study



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B.A.C.A. Heart of Texas chapter
4800 Memorial
Waco, TX 76711
B.A.C.A. stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse. We are the Heart of Texas or H.O.T. chapter located in Waco Texas. We are also the newest chapter in B.A.C.A. International, that's right boys and girls, we ain't just local we are world wide. If you would like to join us and live in our area, contact George Dillard President HOT BACA or look us up on the WWW.


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Guardians of the Children
San Antonio, TX
An organization of bikers helping children who have been abused. We have a chapter in San Antonio, TX and Pine Ridge, Nebraska and are looking to form new chapters throughout the Nation.


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San Jacinto High Rollers MC
661 CR 2069
Liberty, TX 77575
To promote the sport of motorcycling, improve the publics image of bikers and charities for children.


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Bad Boy Biker Clique
DFW Area
Dallas, TX 75260
The Bad Boy Biker Clique was formed to forge together an elite group of individuals, who enjoy the thrill of riding, without all the politics and protocols, that other riding clubs require. There are no dues to be paid; only debts to the blocks that we're bending. We are a BIKER CLIQUE, not a club! We welcome all types of bikes, races, and nationalities. The ONLY requirement to become an elite member or Triple BC, is that you must be HATER FREE! Now; lets bend some blocks!!


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